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  • 10 Reasons to Choose Updog Dog Walking
    We know you have a lot of options when it comes to finding someone to care for your dogs and we're happy you have found your way here. ​ REPUTATION Our reviews speak for themselves. We also know that our clients are our best salesmen, and we have been very fortunate to please a whole bunch of them thus far. We have numerous 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp highlighting just how happy our pups and humans have been. Feel free to browse through them! ​ TRUSTWORTHY We start with our dedication to earning your trust. This is the foundation of our business model and we know that without it we simply cannot satisfy our clients. Updog has been set up with the customer in mind in every aspect. We offer simple, transparent, and competitive pricing, the best dog walking software on the market, and we aim to offer an exceptional experience that no other company can provide. RELIABLE & ENGAGED We guarantee to maintain consistent and clear communication with you. We are available and will quickly respond to any questions or concerns you may have. It's this consistent and clear communication that allows us to build your trust in our business. PROFESSIONAL We take our clients (dogs and humans alike) very seriously. This is not a hobby of ours, it's a business and we treat it as such. We are a fully bonded and insured company, we are easily reachable, quick to respond, and explain everything in advance so proper expectations are set during the initial consultation and continue throughout our relationship. EMPLOYEE DRIVEN Most dog walking companies (including on demand services like Wag! and Rover) hire independent contractors to walk your dogs. By classifying their staff as IC's, they are legally unable to train, develop, and properly oversee the results. These companies also are not allowed to provide insurance or worker's compensation. This can lead to a number of different legal complications for not only them but also for you. We hire every staff member as an employee. We are able to oversee the quality of their work, build up and train each member of our team, and provide them with all of the tools necessary to complete their job to the best of their ability. MODERN Our business is run through software called Pet Check Technology ( that GPS tracks where we walked, records the total time of the walk, and allows us to add any additional comments and pictures taken during our walk. This information is then emailed to you upon completion of every appointment and stored in our system which you can access anytime. You are also notified real time by email when we enter and leave your home. That same user friendly system also handles our scheduling, payments, and customer/pet info... all of which you can access anytime through the customer portal. It keeps us accountable and you informed. ​ INNOVATIVE We don't want to be just like every other company... we want to be WAY better. It's because of this that we strive to push the boundaries on what has become the status quo in this industry. We do this in a number of ways that you may never even experience, but it allows us to do things other companies just can't do. Our hiring startegy, industry specific sotware, and creative business model are some examples. GRACIOUS We are dog people. As dog owners, we know the value that a dog can add to someone's life. That is why it is so important for us to give back to the canine community. We proudly support local shelters and their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate dogs. Without them, countless dogs would not get to enjoy the partnership that we are so lucky to share. GUARANTEED We guarantee that you will be 100% completely satisfied with the service that we provide or your money back. We are fully confident in our ability to provide you with excellent service... So confident that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. DOG FRIENDLY! We absolutely love dogs! They are our passion and always put a smile on our faces. We are so fortunate to be able to work with them for a living while enjoying the beautiful Nashville scenery, and we just love to keep their tails wagging! When you choose Updog, you and your dogs become part of our family.
  • Is Updog similar to on-demand dog walking apps like Wag and Rover?
    No. These apps are really just tech companies in the pet care industry. They are funded by outside investors and focus heavily on their bottom line, thus quality can often slip through the cracks. Although there are good dog walkers working for these companies, there is a much greater risk of hiring someone that is not. Updog's primary focus is building a strong and lasting relationship with you and your dogs. We are consistently there when you need us and will promptly resolve any issues that may arise. These apps claim to hire only the best, but there are numerous stories of walkers losing dogs including an article in the New York Post that cites 3 lost dogs in just one month in New York City alone. The best dog walkers aren't going to lose your dog. Updog hires passionate dog lovers as employees, continuously trains and develops them, and guarantee's our work or your money back. Don't let your dog be someone's side hustle. These apps have outrageously long Terms of Service and if you dig through them, you will eventually come across the "we're not liable for anything" clause. Combine that with hiring independent contractors (preventing these companies from offering any formal training and only minimal oversight) and you potentially have a recipe for disaster. Updog is fully bonded and insured with a policy that is double that of any on-demand dog walking app. We also provide worker's compensation insurance to all of our staff which protects both you and them if there is incident or injury while we are on the job.
  • Where do I start?
    The best place to start is by checking to make sure you and Updog are a good fit. ​ Check our Service Area to make sure you reside within our boundaries. We are fairly strict about them. Check our Services to find what option will work best for your dog's needs. Keep in mind, we do not offer walks on an as needed basis. Check out our Testimonials from our current and past clients. They have some pretty nice things to say about us! Visit our Contact page if you like what you see and submit your info. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule a consultation. ​ We are more than happy to answer any preliminary questions you may have and explain to you just how easy it is when we work for you. The next step is to schedule a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation. During the consultation, we will answer any additional questions that may have come up and cover how our scheduling and billing system works and what to expect if you choose to go forward with our company.
  • What can I expect during the initial consultation?
    Consultations can be scheduled outside of our normal dog walking hours. Our available consultation hours are: M-F: 3:00pm-7:00pm Weekend availability by appoinment only The initial consultation usually lasts about 30 minutes. This is a chance for us to get to know one another. We really enjoy this opportunity to begin building a relationship with you and your dog. We will explain how our system works in depth and discuss general information about your dog, as well as answering any additional questions you may have. This will also help us to get a lay of the land (including where leashes, treats, and anything else we may need are kept). We ask that you have 2 KEYS available for us prior to the conultation. Should you choose to use our company we will exchange the keys, one will be stored in a lockbox we will provide for you, the other will be kept on file in our office as a backup. Soon after the consultation, you will receive a welcome email and electronic forms to fill out and sign. Once those steps have been completed, we will be ready to approve your appointment requests!
  • Is there a minimum walk requirement that needs to be met?
    Yes. ​ A minimum of 3 days of service per week on a consistent, ongoing basis is required to begin service. We have a little wiggle room in our schedule based on your needs are and will gladly try and work something out if we are able. If your schedule does not meet these criteria, we can gladly refer you to someone who might be a better fit for you. We insist that our clients maintain some level of consistency because it allows us to quickly build a strong relationship with your dogs and also helps us to hire exceptional and consistent dog walkers.
  • I just need a dog walker for a few days... Can you help?
    No. We only accept clients who intend to schedule service on a recurring weekly basis. We require a minimum of 3 days per week on an ongoin basis to begin service. We do this because we want to build relationships with our clients that extend further than just an as needed basis.
  • I just need a pet sitter for a few days... Can you help?
    No. ​ However, we do offer limited pet sitting availability to our established dog walking clients. This is offered as an incentive to our employees that are interested and available to watch your dog. Updog does not take a portion of any pet sitting and is not affiliated with anything outside of making the initial connection to our staff.
  • How do you get into my house when I'm not home?
    Updog will provide a lockbox at no cost to you. The lockboxes we use are highly rated and have a 4 digit combination code. We will choose a discreet place to put it in order to access your home. We can also access your home through a electronic keypad if applicable, but we would still need to have at least one key on file as a backup in case of any malfunctions. We recognize that in some cases it might not be possible to provide a spare key, fob, or use a lockbox. It is only in these circumstances that we will make other arrangements. Due to the nature of a mid-day dog walking schedule, we do everything we can to make our visits as timely and efficient as possible in order to best serve all of our clients. ​ For clients who need a fob to access your building or elevator, we only need one copy that can be stored in the lockbox. All backup keys are tagged anonymously and are securely stored away in our office away from any of your personal information. Backup keys are only accessible by the owner. ​ Should you discontinue service with Updog, the lockbox must be returned within 14 days of your last scheduled appointment. If it is not returned within 14 days, a $20 charge will be assessed to the card on file.
  • Lockbox FAQ's
    Why do we use lockboxes?​ It significantly decreases the chance for loss, theft, and duplication. By keeping your key out of the dog walker's possession, we are able to reduce a lot of these variables. Dog walkers will only have your key during your scheduled walks. It provides you with more control and peace of mind. Should for any reason you ever feel uneasy with whomever has access to your lockbox, you can simply change the combination. It maximizes our efficiency. It takes other variables such as forgetting your key at home and grabbing the wrong key out of the equation. This allows us to stay on time more often. It makes moving easier. Should you move and remain in our service area, all you need to do is leave your new key in your lockbox. No more organizing another meet up to exchange keys. ​ What happens if a dog walker leaves the company... will they still have my lockbox code? Should any member of our staff leave for any reason, we will change the lockbox code, thus eliminating their ability to access your key. This is done as an added measure of security. ​ What happens if a lockbox breaks or can't be opened? If we can no longer access your lockbox, you will be provided a new one at no cost to you. If we cannot access your key in order to walk your dog, we have a backup key readily accessible. ​ Where is the best place to put my lockbox? For apartments, we find that stairwells provide a great place to store your lockbox. There are usually iron railings and this location gives no indication that it belongs to you and also hides it from view. For houses, doorknobs, fences, gates, or any other location on your property where you feel it is secure and discreet will work.
  • How do I know Updog is actually walking my dog?
    We use Pet Check Technology (check out for more info) for our daily walk tracking. This provides 100% accountability through a patented QR Code technology and GPS tracking. It is the most efficient and effective software on the market, and what we chose to help you stay in the loop of what's happening when it happens. Pet Check offers: Real time email updates when the dog walker enters and leaves your home A GPS track of every walk so you can see exactly where your dog went Pictures taken during your dog's walk so you can get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside while you're away Simple and convenient online appointment scheduling that you can access anytime A fully encompassed billing system where you can view past and current invoices, set up automatic payments, and update payment information when needed ​ Sadly, we've heard many aggravating stories of untrustworthy dog walkers. By being 100% accountable, Pet Check provides the peace of mind that you and your dog deserve.
  • How much of the 15, 30, or 45 minute walk is spent walking?"
    We allocate 3-5 minutes of every walk to getting things ready to go and preparing to leave. Getting your pup leashed up and out the door is usually a quick process. However, when we return, we may need to do some miscellaneous things like wiping off dirty paws, refreshing water, giving treats, etc. Because of this, the actual time spent walking may be slightly less than the 15, 30, or 45 minutes. If we happen to have a little bit left after preparing to leave, we will make sure to spend the remaining time engaging with your dog by playing with them or just giving them some extra love.
  • Will I have the same dog walker every time?
    Yes. Since we require consistent weekly walks from our clients, we are able to hire consistent dog walkers. ​ Following the consultation, your dog(s) will be assigned a primary dog walker. Because of the new scheduling, it may take a couple weeks to do this. However, once that specific dog walker is assigned, they will remain. The only times you may have a substitute walker are if your primary walker is sick, has an emergency, is on vacation, or they move on to less fun and fulfilling desk jobs. ​ One of the added benefits of using our company over an individual is that you get substitutes you can rely on to be there for your pup. If Bobby or Sarah down the street gets sick or wants to go to Hawaii for 3 weeks, it's hard to believe they have a thoroughly vetted, trained, and background checked substitute at the ready.
  • Do you walk dogs from different families together?
    No. We only walk dogs from the same family together. We do not provide group or "pack" walks. By doing this, we are able to give 100% individualized service and attention to your dog.
  • What do you do if my dog has an accident or makes a mess in the house?
    This is the ugly (and usually stinky) side of dog walking, but it's still part of the job! The first thing we do is to get your dog out of the house to make sure they don't have anything left in the tank. We will clean up any messes as best we can in the time that's available. If it's really smelly and if it doesn't pose a threat to your home's security, we may open a window to let your home air out. This does eat into our scheduled walk time, but we know that you will be happier coming back to a less soiled and smelly home.
  • What does your insurance and bonding cover?
    For your peace of mind, all of our dog walkers are covered under our insurance and bonding. ​ Our insurance protects against things that may happen while we are with your dog. While your dog is in our care injury, damage, and loss to either your dog or a third party is covered. ​ Bonding protects the priceless possessions inside your home. For instance, a dog walker accidentally knocks over and destroys your favorite fabergé egg... the egg is covered. Pet business insurance does not cover our own staff, but we have a worker's compensation policy in place for that. This adds another level of liability protection for you in the event that an injury occurs on your property.
  • Do you have a referral program?
    Absolutely! We believe you should be rewarded for helping us grow.When you refer someone to Updog Dog Walking, as soon as they spend $100 you will immediately receive a $100 credit on your account toward any service. There is no limit to how many referrals you can accrue. The more people that you refer, the more you benefit, so please spread the word!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    In order to avoid last minute changes to the schedule, cancellations must be made by 3pm the day before service to avoid being charged. Cancellations recieved after the 3pm deadline will be charged the full service fee, minus any add on fees (ie. extra dog, after hours, holiday, etc). Weather related cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis and will be the only exception to this policy.
  • Can Updog walk my dog on a holiday?
    We have limited availability for established weekday clients only. Our dog walking services are suspended during Thanksgiving and Christmas each year in order to allow our staff the ability to make travel plans and visit with their families. 2021 Thanksgiving & Christmas Schedule Closed: November 24-26 Closed: December 24-Jan 1 There is a $10/walk surcharge on the following observed holidays: New Years Eve and Day MLK Day Easter Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Friday Christmas Eve and Day
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We ONLY accept credit and debit cards. The system we use is called Pet Check Technology ( It is very user friendly and offers an all-in-one solution to billing and scheduling. In order to begin service we MUST have a card on file. All of our billing is done through automatic payments to your credit or debit card. Invoices are billed early Monday mornings for the previous week's appointments. In this consumer driven age, we feel you shouldn't have to pay in advance as is the case with too many of the companies out there. You only pay us after the work has been completed.
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